What is the KNX Falcon SDK? Falcon Driver Library guarantees your tools access to the KNX bus.

More details

The Falcon Driver Library offers an API (Application Program Interface) for sending and receiving telegrams across the KNX network.
Especially programmers are exceptionally well served with the Falcon Driver Library. It lays the tracks for the access to KNX. Aside from the comfortable API, it offers access management for bus devices, for telegrams (Group Address), Individual Addresses, device states and much more. The bus access allows the programming of languages like C++, C# and others.

Features - new since 5.0

  • Supported connectors: The Falcon .NET supports USB EMI1, USB cEMI, KNXnet/IP Tunneling, KNXnet/IP Routing and KNX RF. KNX association decided to not support serial interfaces.
  • .NET application versus COM server: Instead of Falcon 2.x, which is implemented as a COM server, the Falcon .NET is implemented as a .NET component, which has to be integrated in the own application. Each application has to deploy its own Falcon. Hence this new development technology we call the Falcon 5 also Falcon .NET
  • Licensing: The Falcon .NET includes no licensing mechanism anymore.
  • Setup: XCOPY deployment is supported. Parallel installation to existing Falcon 2.x version is easily possible.
  • 64bit support: It is possible to use the Falcon .NET within a 64bit process as a native 64bit client component
  • Logging: Includes new logging concept, e.g. only one log file is written.
  • Limiting: Access to device and KNX system critical (write) operations is limited to the KNX member (manufacturer) version of Falcon .NET only

Continuously Upgrading – our commitment

KNX introduced ETS on the market in 1993, and has ensured continued maintenance and upgrades for this software at reasonable conditions ever since. Each year, in line with our core business objectives, we continue to invest in continuity and improvement, to your advantage as our customer.

Więcej informacji: https://knx.org/knx-en/software/falcon/about/index.php