KNX acceptance is on the way up at a rapid rate and training is an integral part of this continuing success. Regardless of whether you just immerse yourself into the world of KNX or you want to make KNX part of your business, a wide range of training possibilities exists for everyone. “Start@KNX” brings together all options.

"Start@KNX” offers an overview of the various training options, accompanying material and identifies how teaching materials and methods can effectively be used in order to increase knowledge about KNX.

Training on-site

Training on-site organised by certified training centers offer a possibility for newcomers and experienced KNX users to become a certified KNX Partner by:

  • KNX Basic Courses: Introduction into the KNX Technology and the ETS (Engineering Tool Software)
  • KNX Advanced Courses: Deepening the KNX knowledge
  • KNX Tutor Courses: For all those who want to offer themselves certified trainings

Successfully completed certified KNX courses, organised by KNX certified training centers, allow to be registered as new KNX Partner. All KNX Partners receive as welcome present a voucher for a free of charge ETS Lite license and a further voucher for a discounted upgrade from ETS Lite to ETS Professional.

How do I subscribe for a course?

Go to, look for a training center that complies with your expectations and login to your MyKNX account (https://my.knx. org). Under the menu item “My Account go to “My Subscriptions” and thereafter to “Subscribe to a KNX certified course”.

Online Training

ETS eCampus

The ETS eCampus is a free web-based learning platform for KNX Newcomers, which introduces the KNX technology and the ETS. All participants, who successfully complete the ETS eCampus, receive a voucher for an ETS Lite license as a special bonus. The ETS eCampus can be found in your MyKNX account (

KNX Webinars

Webinars offered by the KNX Association free of charge are an extremely efficient way to acquire a first knowledge on KNX by short online presentations. All KNX Webinars can be found on the KNX Website in the section “Training”, submenu “Webinars” Go to and select the menu “Training”. Select the desired webinar in the submenu “Webinars”.

Online KNX Training

A considerable percentage of training centers offers online KNX training. Thus, access to the training courses and possible hands- on exercises is available at any place and at any time.

Where do I find KNX Online Training?

Go to, look for a training center that complies with your expectations and login to your MyKNX account ( Under the menu item “My Account” go to “My Subscriptions” and thereafter to “Subscribe to a KNX certified course”. In the details of the listed courses, visible by clicking on the magnifier in front of the name of the certified KNX training center, you will find information on the corresponding type: “Lecture type (theory)” and “Lecture type (practical)”, respectively whether the course is offered online or offline (offline means on-site = in the training center)

KNX Literature

KNX Association offers a vast selection of brochures and reference books, published by the KNX Association and third parties. Besides the standardised KNX training documents, used by the certified training centers, the ‘KNX Handbook for Home and Building Control’ is to be recommended especially for newcomers. In addition, there are numerous books on the market explaining the essentials of KNX Home and Building Control, written by independent third authors.

Where do I find KNX brochures?

All KNX brochures are available in various languages on the KNX website for a free of charge download ( > Downloads > Marketing > Flyers)

Where do I find KNX literature?

All publications of KNX Association can be ordered in your MyKNX account (

Where do I find KNX literature of third parties?

In special bookshops, several local and international online shops such as e.g. Amazon,, etc.